Opus-Labs is a leading Web3 brand run by a powerhouse team of successful entrepreneurs who’s main focus is to incorporate blockchain and NFT technology into established Web2 brands. We offer an A-Z solution for these brands, providing them with every necessary capability needed to launch a successful NFT project or integrate blockchain technology into their legacy business model. We will only work with premium, established, and highly successful, globally recognized companies or individuals, setting the bar incredibly high to ensure top quality opportunities for our Maestro holders.

(Available October 1st, 2022) The Maestro-Ticket Collection includes all the pre-sale “tickets” as stand-alone NFTs that will have additional, as yet unrevealed, tiered utility. The art for the Maestro-Tickets (created by Opus-Lab’s talented Maestro artist Andrew Foord) is an additional benefit! These NFTs will be soulbound (locked/nontransferrable) until after the Maestro Genesis Collection launches on November 1st but ultimately they will be trade-able on the secondary market. As utilities for this tiered Maestro-Ticket NFT collection are eventually revealed, the value of the collection will likely change!

There are a multitude of ways to receive a WL. The best advice is to stay engaged, be helpful to others, keep a positive attitude, and your efforts will be recognized. No need to grind, we see everything that’s going on.

Our mint date has been set for November 1, 2022. There will be a ticket NFT presale for whitelist holders starting on October 1st, 2022. More info on the pre ticket sale is located on our home page.

A total of 1,555 will be available. 1,300 available for presale and 255 for the Opus-Labs Treasury

Opus-Labs is a premium brand in Web3 and we will have a premium mint. Though our mint price isn’t announced yet, this will give you an idea of what our mint price may be. With the uncertainty of the ETH merge, we are holding off on announcing our mint price as we have extensive market research regarding the price in USD of what our mint should be and will need to see how the merge effects the price of ETH.

No. Opus-Labs is currently not hiring. Any future position openings will be posted in the server

All of our collaborations and partners are thoroughly vetted therefore to be considered each project Must fill out the Collaboration Form. We only collab/partner with projects of the highest quality and those that align with our values. As transparency is a core value at Opus, if your project’s team is not fully doxxed, you will not be considered. Currently we are inundated with forms, if you do not here back from us, your project was not chosen. We are truly sorry!!


Bryan on the Triple G Ventures Podcast https://youtu.be/UKIuGo2sHEk

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Opus Informational Video https://youtu.be/lzo8ZOOdAGE

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